​Better fitness, posture, flexibility, balance and co-ordination, without     the burn.



Peak performance is not attained simply through relaxation; body tone and fitness together with a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle are as essential for living successfully as reducing stress and tension.  Regardless of your age and favoured fitness regime, Orobics optional exercise to music Curve workouts will strengthen respiratory, cardiovascular and muscular skeletal systems still further.  



​RELAX - ​Orobics Mindful Movement riffs release tension, increase mindfulness and have a calming and remedial effect on all parts of our mind and body. These gentle exercises are suitable for all age groups, varied fitness levels and those with limited mobility.   Check out our Orobics and Class pages for further information.


There are no expensive course fees, ties or obligations and all of our workshops and events are informal and fun.  So regardless as to whether you want to improve your fitness and health or simply take some relaxing time out, why not call us or check out our Class page for a workshop near you.

Holistic Therapies


​​​Mindful Mov​ement

Stretch  is a seated adaption of Orobics Mindful Movement andCurve fitness programs. It is designed to suit people with limited mobility who  want  to maintain their health and well-being through a fun exercise to music fitness program..